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Tough Cleaning Requires Strong Meylan Touch

Midlands Business Journal

Wayne Meylan, Sr. worked hard for success as a defensive standout for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the 1960s. He loved tough challenges because he knew they build character. They proved him to be a leader.

He brought the power of hard work to his own company - Meylan Enterprises, Inc. He took on a niche that was flat out tough - industrial cleaning - starting with high pressure drain and sewer services, then focusing and making a full commitment to the utility industry.

Three decades later, the power of hard work still shapes Meylan Enterprises. Following in his father's footsteps, Wayne Meylan Jr., executive vice president of sales, has helped grow the company from a city-based business to an international service provider on the leading edge of industrial cleaning technologies. "The hard work and forward thinking that helped my father build Meylan Enterprises is still our foundation today," Meylan said.

Industrial cleaning demands the power of "smart" work. Meylan insists on using the best tools available for the job and using them as efficiently and effectively as possible. Automation and strategy save time and money. Having an experienced and knowledgeable team maximizes the power of every tool.

"Hard work is our virtue. Smart work is our strategy," said Phil Haile, executive vice president of operations.

Headquartered in Omaha, Meylan Enterprises serves a global client base, including over 80 utility companies, working in both coal fired and nuclear power plants, as well as refineries, petrochemical plants and steel mills. Locally, Meylan works with Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha Public Power District, and MidAmerican Energy.

Mark Stigge, project specialist, leads the Meylan team that researches and designs a strategy custom-tailored to each job - from the toughest cleaning projects, planned or emergency services, and one-of-a-kind specialty work.

Meylan routinely cleans boilers while they are still in operation - still running at full load - which allows the utility company to continue to generate electricity as well as revenue. When off-line cleaning is an option, the Meylan crew can increase unit performance while reducing downtime costs by bringing in high-energy hydro-technology to safely and thoroughly clean the unit.

As the only contractor that is endorsed and recommended by the original equipment manufacturer to high-pressure wash Ljungstrom air preheaters - a key component in the energy generation process - Meylan indexes a high-pressure wash assembly across the face of the preheater for the utmost efficiency.

Using a small amount of water, highly focused at 40,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), Meylan can tackle the toughest cleaning challenge with no fumes, no surface degradation, and no airborne particles. Additionally, Meylan has decades of experiences and equipment for hydrodemolition services including surface preparation and concrete removal.

Safety is a priority for Meylan. "From start to finish, we keep our job environment as safe as possible for the sake of our customer's workers and our workers," Haile said. "We're proud of our safety record, and proud of the work we leave behind."

Meylan is just as dedicated to providing quality service as they are to providing quality products. "You'll see us invest an honest day's effort and commitment every time. Our customers deserve nothing less," Haile said.

It is because of his own company's approach to customer service that Haile values his relationship with Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Manager Tim Sullivan. "With Tim we know that we can trust that if he tells us he'll take care of a financial matter, it will get done. Wells Fargo has the broad product line and unique solutions of a large financial institution to meet our business needs yet deliver a personalized, relationship approach at the local level."


Hard Work. Smart Work. Meylan Work.
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